DeModa Press Shot

You know that song you've got stuck in your head? The one you catch yourself humming as it loops endlessly on a seamless circuit that transcends space and time? Yeah, it's DeModa's fault. But before you place blame for an addiction to his latest single, “Heavy Hearts” — a track even Adam Morgan of Surviving the Golden Age deemed “a triumphant anthem” — be advised that DeModa is poised to unleash further potent productions on the population. And immunity to his infectious original music will be scarce. For his style itself, packed with catchy melodies, groovy bass lines and popping drums, is the antidote to everything else out there.

So what can you do? Well, first you should know that the laptop tapping wiz has been playing guitar since age 12 and can keep his cool on piano; plus he's sharpened his sonic skills with regular performances at fashion events, charity galas, and upscale NYC lounges. Then check out his last release, “The Future Perfect,” a brilliant blend of computerized composition and traditional rock instruments that transcends categorization. Next, turn up your speakers for DeModa's hit, “Clear Conscience,” described by Alana Schulz of The DJ List as “an electronic lover’s idea of heaven” after its August premiere — along with his self-titled EP, out last April — and just try not to melt when the ultra-chill breaks into hot drops. With influences culled from tropical, hip-hop and electro beats, the NY-based artist crafts emotional soundscapes that have caught the attention of Vents Magazine,,,, and

Still think you're safe? Then you must have missed the mind-blowing remixes, including a version of Odesza's "White Lies" that even Mak-J "just can't honestly stop listening to" and his polarization of "Molecules," two renderings of the Atlas Genius single spanning a spectrum. Relentless? Yes. More releases? Come this summer, DeModa dares you to download the next one off his upcoming LP, Polar South.