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lucid dreams
blind contour

Shelter Bootleg Live Performance

What people are saying about DeModa

"What is ingenious about DeModa’s approach to production is his ability to interweave melodies and different styles."
— Janine Wright,

"I just can’t honestly stop listening to [DeModa]."
— MakJ, Revolution Radio

"If you're only just discovering this talented artist, then it's a good time: DeModa’s Polar South LP is on the way and promises to be a killer collection."
— Alana Schulz, The DJ List

"His production style is so satisfying to listen to, and there seems to be no sound or style that DeModa is afraid of approaching."
— Sophia Morgan,

"DeModa says, ‘Hi, I’m Dave. I make awesome music.’ [And] I am going to go ahead and agree…I appreciate artists that do not just throw some pan flutes in a track and call it tropical house."
— Jim Babaoglu,

"Creator of unquestionably catchy melodies, DeModa is back in the spotlight…displaying his artistic approach to production once more."
— Nicks Watts,

"DeModa bridges the gap between electronic serenity and dance floor vibrancy incredibly well."
— Janny,

"We’ve been following the work of this impressive artist for sometime…and and we’re already itching to hear the remainder of [DeModa’s forthcoming album Polar South’s] tracklist."
— Katie Jones, Vents Magazine

"A fantastic job…definitely a testament to his mixing skills…the hands of a skilled pro with creative perspective."
— Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

"[DeModa blends] mood and technical flair brilliantly for a stunning listen."
— Nick Watts,

"An electronic lover’s idea of heaven."
— Alana Schulz,

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